BluVanti™ 500i Series

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Enjoy the perks of efficiency gains, increased productivity, financial savings, and wider business appeal by implementing BluVanti! Get connected and enjoy the benefits of this simple, yet advanced Bluetooth technology for your organization.

Bluvanti 500

BV 500i Series


Bluvanti 100

Part # Optional Accessories Price
BV-AC001 Antenna Cable, 12" $29.00
BV-AC025 Antenna Cable, 25' $58.00
BV-AC050 Antenna Cable, 50' $98.00
BV-AC100 Antenna Cable, 100' $176.00
BV-AC150 Antenna Cable, 150' $245.00
BV-AC200 Antenna Cable, 200' $298.00
BV-AC250 Antenna Cable, 250' $345.00
BV-AIP Antenna Interface Plate) $59.00
BV-DRK 3dBi Dipole Antenna (replacement) $39.00
BV-DRK Dual Rack Kit $74.00
BV-FRK Rack Kit (Full Rack) $53.00
BV-HRK Rack Kit (Half Rack) $59.00
BV-SMAF SMA Female to SMA Female Coupler $14.00
BV-SMAM SMA Male to SMA Male Coupler $14.00
BV-TMB Table Mount Bracket $54.00

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