Is your car audio system more technologically advanced than your corporate offices’? If you’re not using Bluetooth technology for connecting audio calls, video conferencing, and streaming music in your boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, classrooms, training rooms and all other rooms; then the tragic answer is YES! 

Fortunately for you, there is a way to change that outcome! - BluVanti™ 

BluVanti™ is a commercial grade Bluetooth device that provides professional cell phone conferencing.   BluVanti™ acts as an interface to room audio systems, allowing integration of multiple microphones and room loudspeakers - just like when you connect your mobile device to your vehicle's bluetooth.




Check Out How Simple and Easy it is to Connect!


Connect Audio Signals

During a call, all audio signals connected to the input of BluVanti™ are sent to the far-end, and all audio signals connected to the output are signals received from the far-end.


Broadcast Audio

Once connected, users can place/receive a call on their cellphone and can choose to broadcast the call to/from the room audio system by pressing “headset” on the cell phone similar to connecting to an automobile’s Bluetooth system.




End Audio Broadcast

When broadcasting the call is no longer desired, pressing “headset” again turns off the broadcast. This can be toggled multiple times during a call, without disconnecting the call.




Disconnect from BluVanti

When the call is finished, the user will remain connected to BluVanti until the user turns off Bluetooth, or until the user’s cellphone is out of range (automatic disconnection).



BluVanti offers the following features to help keep you connected.

Extended Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth technology limits a line of site connection within 96’ of the device.  An external antenna can be installed in the room and connected to the BluVanti product up to 250’ away using specified coaxial cable. 


Connected Devices

Pairing a device enables quicker connection times between BluVanti and other devices. Note that only one device can be connected to the BluVanti unit at a time; however, BluVanti can pair up to 16 other devices.


Balanced Stereo Output

BluVanti incorporates a balanced stereo output. This feature is beneficial in enhancing your mobile conferencing experience - it will be better, stronger, and have cleaner signal between connected and paired devices.


48V Phantom Power

Up to a 48V DC power can be supplied to BluVanti to provide phantom power directly to a connected condenser microphone. BluVanti ships with 12V power supply. The 48V power supply is sold separately.


RoHS Compliant

BluVanti is in full accordance with the RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) for electronic equipment. Careful testing and documentation has been done in accordance with RoHS Directive regulations.



 BluVanti is a Bluetooth® product and properly qualifies and complies with the Bluetooth license agreements. BluVanti also possesses the FCC Certification mark, IC Japan certification, and the European CE Marking.


Custom Naming

Units ship with Bluetooth chip pre-named to be “Communa BV-500i”. Search for this name when you pair to BluVanti for the first time. In buildings with multiple units, custom naming of the Bluetooth chip can be uploaded at our factory.


Audio Controls

Audio levels can be increased, decreased, or muted simply by using the connected phone, tablet, or computer's volume controls - depending on the capability of the device.

Bluetooth Device Compatibility

Any Bluetooth-enabled device can connect with BluVanti, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. for room audio system integration with other conferencing applications and as an interface to play audio from the connected device.

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