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Am I limited to phones for the connection?

No, any Bluetooth enabled device can be connected. For audio conference calls a cell phone is required, however a Bluetooth enabled tablet could be used for Skype calls.

Can I connect a boundary microphone directly into the input?

Yes. When the input switch is set to “MIC”, not only does the device look for a mic-level signal, but it also provides up to 48V phantom power to the microphone. (For 48V phantom power, a 48V power supply must be connected to the device.)

Can multiple calls take place at the same time?

Yes, but this depends on the capabilities of the cell phone. Most cell phones have the capability to add a call, thus allowing users to conference in 2 parties. Audio conferencing bridges will be needed for connecting multiple parties.

Can the device be connected into existing systems with audio conferencing already installed?

Yes, definitely! BluVanti provides another method of communication in addition to the land line or VoIP line already installed.

Can you mount the box to the table?
Yes, an accessory will allow for BluVanti to be installed under a table, or rack installed—either alone or side-by-side with another BluVanti box.
Can you use BluVanti as a replacement for a star phone?
Yes. For the most basic setup, a microphone and  powered speaker is all that is needed. The microphone input on the BluVanti box will provide up to 48V phantom power to a connected microphone directly into the device. The output is a line level output and will require either powered speakers or a power amplifier which is part of an existing room sound system.
Could you input other devices to use the speakers?
The BluVanti product is a Bluetooth interface device allowing any Bluetooth enabled device to connect with a room sound system.
Do I need a smartphone to use the product?

No, any Bluetooth enabled phone can be connected, including “dumb” phones.

Does the BluVanti box need to be in the room?
Bluetooth technology limits a line of site connection within 30’ of the device.  An external antenna can be installed in the room and connected to the BluVanti product up to 250’ away using specified coaxial cable.  This cable will be provided as an accessory at various lengths.
Does the device ask the phone if it wants to connect?
The BluVanti product requires the user to actively connect to the unit with a Bluetooth device.
Does the device disconnect automatically?
It automatically disconnects when the phone is no longer in range of the BluVanti box. If a user is connected and terminates a call and is still within range, that user will need to disconnect from the product before another user can utilize the system.  Users need to disconnect through their phones (either by turning off Bluetooth or disconnecting from the device) to allow another user to connect.
How does it handle multiple phones being paired to the unit?
The BluVanti product allows up to 8 users to be paired to the device in the room at the same time, but only 1 can be connected. If someone is already connected, BluVanti is invisible to anybody else trying to pair with it.
How does the user pair and unpair their phone with the device?
In a Bluetooth enabled device you need to turn on Bluetooth and scan for available Bluetooth devices.  Once the BluVanti product is identified on a Bluetooth enabled device select the BluVanti product and connect to it.
How much of the bluetooth function automatic?
Currently a connection with the BluVanti device is not automatic. When a user walks into the room, the connection needs to be done on the phone (assuming the user has already paired with BluVanti.) This prevents accidentally connecting when in range. We are working on software that will allow users to enable this automatic connection feature if desired.
In it’s simplest form you could route all audio and video to the display and then to the BluVanti?
In a huddle room (simplest form)—one microphone connected into the BluVanti product and the output connected into a display’s speakers.  For this to work the display would need to be on and the correct audio input selected.
Is the cell phone only used for controlling the system?

No. While the cell phone can be used to increase/decrease the room volume, the cell phone is the key component for making and receiving calls.

The number of inputs into the unit seems limited, how can I get more inputs?
Currently the BluVanti product allows 1 input—mic level or line level—is provided. If more than 1 microphone is needed for a room, an automatic mic mixer or a DSP can be used.
What happens if there are three people in the room and somebody gets a phone call over bluetooth?
It depends on the situation. Only 1 person can be connected to BluVanti at a time. If the person that is already connected receives a call then the call would transmit over the room’s speakers—just like it would if you are connected to Bluetooth in your vehicle and receive a call. If a current conversation via Bluetooth is taking place in a room and another person in the room receives a call that call will not be connected.  To stop broadcasting via Bluetooth,  all the user needs to do is click on the “Headset” button on their phone to toggle between connecting and disconnecting.
Who gets priority when there is more than one person trying to connect?
The current version of the product allows for a single person to be connected to the BluVanti product.  The first person to connect has priority.  Other users who are paired with the device must wait until the current user is disconnected.

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